In the Afterglow

Verse 1:
Where did you come from?
Where did you go?
Can you give me a reason?
Cause I want to know
You say that’s it been such a long time since you felt that feeling
Baby why can’t you see?
If I never know what you were going through
How can it be me?

I just want to hold you
And be your friend
In the afterglow

Verse 2:
Not too many winners, but too many sinners
How can you find peace
Strange how a new beginning can feel like such an end
Where’s the relief?
And the innocent ones will sit there and suck on their thumbs
Too burdened to stand on their feet
And we ask too much from the ones that we love
And you ask it from me

And still we face our everyday
Standing all alone
And all we can say is that everything’s okay
In the afterglow