My Family

I come from a relatively large family. My parents had six kids. Of those six kids, five of us are still here and have had thirteen children between us. Now we’re working on grandkids, though I am willing to wait a bit before I see any coming from my children.

I am currently on my second (and last) marriage and I have three children. Bekah (1995) and Caleb (1996) are my children from my first marriage. I am now married to a wonderful woman named Robyn (since 2002) who works as an RN in Portland. We have a child together named Elisabeth (2006).


I have been playing and creating music for over 20 years. I studied trumpet in school, and even went to college to study jazz and contemorary music at the University of Maine, Augusta. Unfortunately, I ran out of money and my car ran out of gas. So I gave up chasing my dream of fame and fortune and settled into life. (That means I got married, found a job, had a couple of kids, got divorced, got a better job, drank too much, got married again, went back to school, found my life’s calling, and had another kid.)

But along the way, I have kept playing trumpet. I even picked up a nice set of keyboards and have done some writing. Check out the lyrics on this page. Those are the songs that I have completed. I have a few more songs that I have co-written with a good friend, Jim Braley. We used to be in a little group together called Witness.

Nowadays, I don’t do much playing or writing. But music continues to be a good escape for me. I have picked up a few more instruments (french horn, accordian, penny whistle) and have tried a couple of others (guitar), but trumpet and keyboards are still my main interests.

As for influences, I have far too many to name. But here are a few:

Clifford Brown, Miles Davis, Arturo Sanduval, Dave Matthews, U2, Keith Green, Michael W. Smith, Elton John, the Eagles, George Jones, Alanis Morissette, Alison Krauss and Union Station, Andrew Peterson, Tom Waits, Tracy Chapman, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Trent Reznor, Styx, Led Zepplin, Ben Folds, Billy Joel, Bob Marley, ELO, Queen, Eminem, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash…

Vegan Living

PopeyeI made the switch to a vegan lifestyle in January 2016. It is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I never knew that I could enjoy it nearly as much as I do.

My youngest child, Ih-z, is the reason why Robyn and I decided to go vegan. We didn’t do it for her health, nor did we force her to do it. On the contrary, Elisabeth was the driving force behind us becoming a vegan household.

In January of 2016, Ih-z watched a preview for the documentary “Cowspiracy” and showed us. That evening, all three of us sat down and watched the full documentary and our lives have never been the same.

Since that change, we have all grown to embrace our vegan lives and mostly eat a whole foods diet. There is still room for some fun vegan foods in the mix. (And “YES”, there are LOTS of FUN vegan foods and restaurants out there.) My wife cooks most nights and uses very little oil or processed items. Eating out – especially while travelling – is a little bit challenging at times, but we have found ways to do that with a little creativity.

All in all, being vegan in our present space in history in not terribly difficult. It takes commitment to the ideal, but I can’t imagine my life being anything different now.